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Introducing the Perfect Start Signature Program

This 6-month One on One program addresses the systemic barriers to successful breastfeeding and infant feeding practices. By using the Perfect Start Signature Program, we address root causes and offer simple, practical solutions that work.

The Perfect Start Signature Program includes:

  • 75 minute comprehensive prenatal evaluation
  • 10 postpartum follow ups set at strategic milestone of you and your newborn’s journey together

Included functional testing and assessments:

  • Maternal and paternal MTHFR mutation analysis
  • Maternal breast assessment
  • Infant facial and oral function analysis
  • Validated tongue tie assessment
  • Infant pre and post weights
  • Food Sensitivity Evaluation

Additional perks:

  • FREE access to my prenatal Milk Makers Manual Online course (a $450 value!)
  • Individualized health assessments and growth charts to calculate maternal and infant nutrient needs, identify maternal diet deficits, and work toward optimal nourishment for Mom AND baby
  • Access to my client-only drive filled with educational videos, handouts, recipes, and guidelines to get you started on your way to becoming a Super Mom
  • 24/7 access to me for your most pressing questions, concerns, and problems with your newborn
  • Free access to all future webinars + my webinar library to allow you to educate yourself in between our sessions
  • Bimonthly accountability forms to keep you accountable for all changes we are making and all assigned tasks


How many consults are included?
My 1:1 6-Month Program includes 11 consults total. (1 Initial Consult + 10 Follow-Up Consults). I have a recommended set cadence, but this can fluctuate according to you and your infant’s needs

Are all consults virtual or online?
EITHER! All consults can be done virtually or in person, depending on our location and parental preference. Note for in person sessions there may be an additional travel fee.

What kinds of payments are accepred? Are there payment plans?
You can pay via credit or debit card! My services are HSA and FSA eligible. My secure platform integrates HIPAA compliant software, so you can rest assured your financial information is secure.

Will you help me exclusively breastfeed my child?
My ultimate goal in my program is to help your baby get the best nourishment needed. This will often be through breastmilk, but if complications arise outside our control, this may call for supplementation. Regardless, I will work with the parents to define success as we work together, to optimize breastmilk production so your baby can have the best to be their best. While I have worked with many families who have been able to exclusively breastfeed from day one, I will never claim to know the future of birth or any other infant complications that may compromise our goal. However, working with me prenatally greatly increases your chances of successful breastfeeding outcomes.

Is this program a good fit for me?
This program is great for anyone who wants to successfully breastfeed. That could mean you are a first time mother, a mom that has never breastfed but wants to or that has had previous breastfeeding failures, or maybe your second (or third, or fourth) child is more difficult to feed than your first. Regardless, this course is for you! Please schedule your free 20 minute discovery call to discuss if this is a good fit for you.

Are the consults prenatal or postpartum?
BOTH! For ultimate success, I always want to meet with my parents in the late second or early third trimester. This is to help develop an individualized breastfeeding plan as well as understand the preferred birthing method. This is also to start our trust relationship, as I will be with you during your most intimate moments of motherhood. After our initial meeting, all follow ups will be after your little one chooses to join us!

Can I start this package after the baby is born?
Of course. However, I’d highly recommend tobook with meprenatally to reserve your spot and guarantee your success.

Do you take insurance?
While I do not bill your insurance directly, I can provide you with a SuperBill after each consult. A SuperBill is a form that shows my charges, procedure codes, and diagnosis codes that you can submit to your insurance as an out-of-network claim. Depending on your plan and if you have met your deductible, your insurance may be able to reimburse you. At this time, only consults are able to be included on SuperBills, not biomedical testing. In order to provide a SuperBill, I will need a referral from your child’s primary care physician.

How much is your 1:1 program?
Pricing includes all consults and functional testing. Payment plans are available and start at $750/month. Pricing options will be discussed during your discovery call.

How many clients do you enroll?
I only accept a limited amount of private clients in order to provide individualized guidance, unlimited chat/email support, and extensive care. My dedication to my clients is my top priority and the time spent on each client goes far beyond our face-to-face time.