Pregnant and planning to breastfeed?

You’ve probably heard the stories: I couldn’t breastfeed because my baby wouldn’t latch, or I didn’t make enough milk, or my baby wasn’t gaining weight. Moms have told me these problems, but here’s the truth: 90% of breastfeeding problems could have been avoided by proper Mom support BEFORE the baby arrived.

Through my services, I help you:

  • Create your individualized plan so breastfeeding is not only successful, but easy
  • Take the guess work out of breastfeeding AND your newborn’s behavior
  • Stop breastfeeding problems before they start
  • Empower you to make the best choices to support your breastfeeding goals
  • Avoid conflicting advice from the internet, your family, your friends…
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Petra Colindres, RD & IBCLC

Materal Guru: Petra Colindres, IBCLC, RD

Hi, I'm Petra!

Creator of the “Milk Makers Manual”

I help Mommas who are pregnant and recently postpartum set the foundation of health for their babies AND themselves through a successful breastfeeding journey.

My goal is to help every mother experience the joys of nursing by providing evidence-based recommendations and normalizing expectations.And (here’s the best part) 95% of my Mother’s who work with me REACH their breastfeeding goals!


Hear are just a couple of success stories from the hundreds I can share.

Materal Guru: Petra Colindres, IBCLC, RD

Thankful for your constant patience and encouragement. I was a first time mom who didn’t want to breastfeed, had pumping problems, and a duct issue that led to biopsy. It was NOT an easy time.You were always so positive and willing to listen as I tried to figure out a path forward in this new role as MOM.

Materal Guru: Petra Colindres, IBCLC, RD

You helped identify my daughter’s tongue tie. I didn’t cry every day breastfeeding like I did with my first. Because of you, I didn't suffer through 8 weeks of pain and tears.

- Elizabeth

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